Who we are

ERA EDUCATORS is one of the project of Golden Era enterprises ERA EDUCATORS is one of the pioneers who started spreading online education worldwide. ERA EDUCATORS started providing online education with online Quran classes back in 2010 with the concept of giving opportunity to those families who were unable to find teachers for their kids or where there were no mosques near to their homes. Now Alhamdulillah we have more than 1000 families who are currently taking education from us and more than these already finished their learning of Quran with us.

ERA EDUCATORS second step was teaching Academic Courses i.e. Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Accounting, Computer Science etc, language courses and computer basic courses to our students.

ERA EDUCATORS offers purely education courses which are online especially designed for all group of ages. ERA EDUCATORS is not only Quran Islamic teaching organization but it is complete online school which offers complete Islamic courses and Tuition for Academic Subjects as well.

ERA EDUCATORS academy consists of the team of IT professionals and professional Tutors. The IT Professionals facilitates the Tutors to deliver online lessons for teaching whereas their Tutors are well experienced in teaching, who have 5-7 years of educational background.

One of the biggest things of ERA EDUCATORS academy is that, we started providing proper certificates to our students who are completing their courses with us.


Era Educators aims at equipping its students with highly regarded qualifications, skills and experience that will fulfill their career aspirations and enrich their future lives. The accomplishments of our students reflect our commitment to quality. Our students have successfully entered the working world and excelled in their field of study.

  • 24X7 access to online training
  • Quality instructional content
  • Interactive multimedia courses with instant grading and timely reporting
  • Dedicated customer support